Social and Cultural Funding

Call for Proposals - The Department of Social and Cultural Development manages three funds that are currently available for submissions.

Overview of Funds

Our mandate is to support social and cultural development in Eeyou Istchee. We design programs that address the pressing needs of Cree youth, Elders and women. These programs are intended to work both on community and regional levels to provide services, and initiatives to core members of our Cree society.

At this time we are accepting funding applications for three separate funds:

  1. Youth Development Funds
  2. Elder’s Funding
  3. Cree Solidarity Alliance Funds

Each funding source has its own criteria for evaluating a proposal but commonly are looking for activities that are based in Eeyou Istchee, or in a region that will actively impact members of Eeyou Istchee.

Youth Development Funds

Youth Development Funds are provided to: 

• Not-for-profit organizations
• Educational Institutions
• Local Band & Youth Councils
• Private Sector Organizations
• Research Organizations
• Youth Organizations

There are currently six priorities for funding that are evaluated for proposals and submissions:

  1. Education and Support
  2. Health and Active Living
  3. Personal Development
  4. Culture and Tradition
  5. Training and Employment
  6. Citizenship and Participation

You can read the full criteria and application process on the Cree Nation Youth Council website

Elder's Funding

Funding is provided with the goal to encourage and support Elder’s inclusion within the community, support leading to higher quality of life, and knowledge sharing for future generations. The two primary areas of funding are:

  1. Direct Assistance
  2. Transfer of Knowledge

Applications will be evaluated on the basis of 6 areas of priority for each of the program areas listed above:

  1. Participating in Communities
    Healthy Lifestyles for Elderly
    Creating a safe and welcoming environment
    Traditional Knowledge, skills and language

Proposals and Submission can be sent to the Liaison Officer of the Social and Cultural Department:

Nellie W. Gray
Social and Cultural Development Department
Cree Nation Government
33 Amisk St. Mistissini, QC  G0W1C0

Solidarity Alliance Funding


– Alleviate poverty in Eeyou Istchee, in order to allow all Crees to have the resources, means, choices and powers necessary to maintain their economic independence, and to be able to participate fully in the development of their Nation.

– A Future in Eeyou Istchee that includes all people through empowerment, and social inclusion

– Fostering Partnerships in planning and delivery of programming


Funding Program 4 Pillars:
a. Education and Stay-In-School Programming
b. Food Security and Nutrition Programming
c. Core Programs Addressing Poverty and Exclusion

Deadline to Apply

The Department of Social and Cultural Development will be accepting applications and proposals for funding until March 18, 2020. Please use the application form provided below and ensure that all supporting documents and information is contained within your submission



Nellie W. Gray

Social and Cultural Development Department
Cree Nation Government
33 Amisk St. Mistissini, QC  G0W1C0


PHONE: 418-923-2330