Announcing Launch of the Cree Cabin Damage Assessment Registry

Nemaska, Eeyou Istchee (August 31, 2023)

In collaboration with the Cree Trappers’ Association and Niskamoon Corporation, Cree Nation Government is launching the Cree Cabin Damage Assessment Registry in an effort to respond to the devastating forest fires that swept through and, although in control, continue to burn in our region. This registry aims to document and assess the impact these wildfires have had on Cree cultural infrastructures within the affected areas.

The 2023 wildfires have had a catastrophic impact on the environment and the lives of people living within the affected regions. Numerous Cree dwellings and infrastructures have been subject to unprecedented devastation due to the fires. Understandably, the gravity of these losses extends far beyond the material damages as our cabins and campsites encapsulate cherished memories and carry intergenerational cultural and historical significance for the families affected, the entire Cree Nation, and our ancestral heritage.

Acknowledging the unprecedented scale and profound impact of these forest fires on our Cree land users and their traditional pursuits, the Cree Nation Government, in partnership with Niskamoon Corporation, the Cree Trappers’ Association, and Cree communities, have established a centralized registry to enable affected individuals to report the extent of damages and loss of their cultural infrastructures as a result of the 2023 forest fires.

This registry will provide the necessary data to assess resource needs for remediation efforts, ultimately supporting the development of a regional comprehensive strategy.

Please note that this marks the beginning of our collective efforts. The assessment will be conducted in phases, with a first focus on impacts to Cree cabins and campsites. While the form will remain available for as long as necessary, we strongly encourage individuals to complete it before November 1st, 2023, in order to begin this preliminary assessment.

All individuals who have experienced losses of their cabin and related equipment due to the 2023 forest fires are invited to report it by filling the Cree Cabin Damage Assessment Form using the following website link or by scanning the QR code below:

If you have any questions on the registry, please contact the CNG at  or your local CTA or Niskamoon representative.