Additional investments dedicated to Youth and Trappers for protection and promotion of Cree language and culture

Cree Nation Government announces additional investments dedicated to Youth and Trappers for protection and promotion of Cree language and culture


As part of the concerted effort to enhance the Cree Nation Government’s efforts to protect Cree language and to ensure cultural preservation, additional investments will be provided to additional regional associations tasked with the implementation of strategies and programs to fulfil these initiatives.

The Cree Nation Youth Council (CNYC) will be receiving a $670,270 envelope for programming and projects geared towards the promotion of our language and the sharing of our culture.  A specific portion of these funds are to be utilized towards cultural exchange initiatives with youth from other Indigenous nations across the country.

On behalf of the Cree Nation Youth Council and the Youth of Eeyou Istchee, I’d like to express our gratitude to the Grand Council of the Crees and the Cree Nation Government for giving additional funding towards our Culture and Language preservation initiatives. We are proud to say that it has always been our highest priority to not only preserve, but to help enrich our Culture and Language in Partnerships with other entities and organizations. We would like to remind each other that it is our responsibility to continue to pass it down to future generations to have and protect.” – Youth Grand Chief Adrian N. Gunner

In support of the Cree Trappers’ Association (CTA) and their existing activities, an additional $572,346 is being provided to assist the moose management working group, hosting of regional forums to share expertise and traditional knowledge from the coastal and inland communities, participation in special language initiatives, as well as the review of action plans to ensure proper programming and services are provided to members.

“I’m very happy that we will be receiving additional funding from the Cree Nation Government and pleased that the current leadership has lived up to their promises and obligation. The funds will go towards our local projects and programs where it is the trappers that will benefit. Building action plans for language and wildlife preservation continues to be very important for our members and we look forward to offering this.” – Arden Visitor, CTA President

“I am very pleased to be sharing this announcement today. These two groups of our population, the youth and trappers, are crucial to the promotion and continuation of our way of life, our language, and our traditions.  Our culture and language are rich and defined by the environment we live in. We must continue to ensure that our endeavours to conserve these are concerted and prioritized by all regional entities throughout Eeyou Istchee.”  – Grand Chief Mandy Gull-Masty.

As part of this series of announcements concerning funding, the Cree Women of Eeyou Istchee Association (CWEIA) and the Nishiyuu Council of Elders (NCOE), also mandated with delivering programs and services with the common objective of protecting and promoting our language and culture, have also received additional funding for the purpose of carrying these for our future generations.