Are you planning to buy or lease a new/used vehicle? Need advice on financing and leasing options?

Consumer Protection Services: Vehicles

The Cree Nation Government is now providing a free vehicle brokerage service to ensure that Cree citizens or Cree entities are given the best price when buying or leasing new/used vehicles.

Our automotive agent can provide you with free tips, advice and assistance from your very first appointment at the car dealership until the final signing of your contract. Service available now in Val-d’Or, Amos, Rouyn, La Sarre.

Who is the service for?

If you are a Cree Citizen or work with a Cree entity, you can access the consumer negotiation service for free. You can receive assistance with purchases of:

  1. Cars
  2. Trucks
  3. SUVS
  4. Snowmobiles
  5. Boats
  6. ATVs

Please note, that the service will also assist you with working with financing departments as you finalize your sale.

For More Information

Yvon St-Pierre

Tel :(819) 856-3001